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Corée du Sud

Ce texte est une sorte d'interview, réponse à une série de questions posée à Min, coréen, avec qui je correspond.


1) Where do you live? What's the importance of your city in Korea ?

in Seoul. Seoul is the capital of Korea. Seoul is a large city. 1/4 korean people live in Seoul. Seouls is political, economical, cultural center of korea. too fucking crowded!

2) You told me about a repressive law concerning culture and expression
(reading about Northern Korea for exemple..) is there an official text about
that? what are the real consequences of these type of law (if there are
others) in your country ?

on the other day, I said about National Security Law. but my english is as bad ( il a dit "Fuck", mais je sais pas si l'expression est valable en anglais/ he said "fuck ", but I dunno if the expression "as fuck as yours " is correct in english) as yours, I couldn't explain all the details of it. hm. on this time, however, i will try..

To understand National Security Law, you must know about the situation of late 40s and 50s in korea. National Security Law was legislated as soon as korea was liberated from Japanese occupation. at that time ultra rights who were not nationalists, but colonialist of amerika were powerful in south korea. colonialists were a part of National Liberation movement, but they concealed their ugly ambition by the name of "diplomatic independence" and shortly after the independence of korea, betrayed a lot of national liberation movements. how could the colonialists had the power? they killed a lot of leaders of korean nationalists by the secret help of amerika. they killed socialists too.

anyway, as soon as korea was liberated, colonialists urged to prevent south capitalistic korea from north. so they started to legislate a powerful law to eliminate their enemy.(it is against the constitution. becoz it limits the freedom of speach and thought.) It is so much like McCarthyism and Patriot Law in amerika. Korean ultra rights fucked off the constitution spirit and democracy by the name of narional security and people's freedom. National Security Law's tragedy started like this.

in 1961, a military coup occured. Park, Jung Hee who was the leader of the military coup, made NSL more repressive. the limit of application was enlarged. (he is like de gaulle in some sides)

He has oppressd the people during about 18 years, and naturally there has been continuous people's struggles. however suddenly, in 1979, he was killed by the minister of the central information department.(this murder is mysterious on todays.) after his death, a large democratic struggles arouse to set the democratic goverment. but it was failed. coz 2nd military coup occured in 1980. Jeon, Doo Hwan the murderer, puts down the great democratic struggle in Kwang-Ju(it is a city) by "armed violence", declared that National Security Law should be reinforced.

so during 1980s, on anytime and anywhere was democratic movement. angry people, especially students struggled by life. for democracy many people burned themselves, suicided, and were tortured, murdered... so they should have lost their jobs, their lovers, their daughters and sons. fucking history. by these struggle, the militant got off, and now many figters of the 1980s are acting in various societies. and they has tried to reform the unreasonable parts of the society. but many parts of them are now reformist, neo-liberalist especially those who are now politics.

President Roh and his party "YulinUri Party"(Yulin means "open-minded, Uri means "we" in korean. it is right-reformist party) tried to remove the NSL last year, but becoz of the authoritarian(Grand National Party, Liberal Democracy Associaition and so on.) they couldn't. so now YulinUri Party tries to make another repressive law instead of the NSL it is fucker's plot. against it, KDLP(Korean Democratic Labor Party. it is social democratic party) and a lot of organizations, movement groups, NGOs stands for "Abrogate the NSL completely".

the most oppressed peoples becoz of NSL are activists and students. to understand this situation, you must know "nationalism" in korea is not like nationalism in western nation. in korea nationalism was a thought of resist during the japanese occupation. until nowadays it is a influent thought of resist, too. for example, the biggest student movement group is HCY(Han Chong Yun. it means Korean Student Council Federation), whose politic is National-Liberationism.(but there is authoritarianism as well. so i am not a national liberationist) after a little reforming on the NSL in 1990s, 90% of the NSL-violaters are HCY's students or HCY-like students. if you say positively about North Korea, if you read the books about North Korea(if the books are written for Anti-communism, it is ok), if you support National Liberation thoughts, if you join in unification movement groups(if the group is made! for anti-communism, it is ok) you should be arrested in south korea. the restriction to International Socialism, People Democracy, Marx-Leninism, Anarchism, was the same as National Liberationism, but now it is ok. but it is not "legal". it is just "accepted". to say extremely, Cops want to arrest, can arrest. the NSL is not abrogated anyway.

in conclusion, the NSL is just another McCarthyism.

3) What about relations between Northern and southern Korea ?

In korean constituion, North Korea is just a illegal resistance who occupates illegaly the northern part of korean peninsular. but many south koreans want the Unification. it is just a legal enemy. but, some fascists like Grand National Party(it is 1st oppose party. neo-liberalist) criticizes North Korea from evil mind. they want north korea to collapse by fucking capitalism.

4) what about the economical situation in your country? political ? position
in Asia?

hm. it is so difficult to tell. to synthesize korea's economical, political, and cultural position, korea may be the 2nd in Asia. but this is the case without china's military strength. to change the question into "how capitalized is korea in Asia?", it is definitely 2nd in asia. as you know, coz China's GDP and culture is too low.